Graduate Spotlight: Katelynn Dulinsky

Graduate Spotlight: Katelynn Dulinsky
Posted by egskynet
On February 25, 2016
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“Hello- Just wanted to give you an update on my interview with AB Science Kinavet. I flew into Utah last night, went to a working type interview at a large distributor rep seminar. Everything went really well and I was offered a job on the spot. I am now the new Great Lakes Region Representative Manager! I got a huge salary increase, company incentives and benefits! I will be traveling 4-5 days a week around the Midwest Region, and I am very excited about this. Having my Vet Tech education is allowing me to advance my presentation and selling skills especially when it comes to the more scientific and veterinary specific details and case studies. Just thought I would let you know. Thanks for all your help.”
— Katelynn Dulinsky, Veterinary Technician