Learn about career paths for Vet Techs

Veterinary Tech careers Learn about career paths for Vet Techs
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On March 15, 2017
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Many veterinary technicians find rewarding work in a veterinary clinic or animal hospital. However, there is a growing demand for qualified vet techs in many other unique work settings. Vet Techs can work in a research setting or a pharmaceutical company like AB Science Kinavet as a sales rep.  Additionally, some government agencies work closely with animals in disaster response and research and routinely employ vet techs. 

Veterinary Technology Job Outlook:
Veterinary technology is a rapidly growing field.  Ohio Means Jobs lists:
148,998 Veterinary Technician jobs as of 3/12/20171
Yes, you read that number correctly!  One-hundred, forty-eight thousand, nine-hundred, ninety-eight jobs!!!

Veterinary Technology Salary: 2

Veterinary Tech

Actual salaries for vet techs can vary based on areas of specialization, years of experience and work setting.

Ask Yourself:
If you have always wanted to work with animals, a career in veterinary technology may be your calling. Vet techs could prepare for their new career in two years and could work in a variety of specialties and work environments.

Did We Answer All Your Questions?:
Stautzenberger’s Veterinary Technology Program is one of the most respected programs in Ohio.
So why not pick up the phone and call Stautzenberger College at 1-800-473-2997
Or fill out our request for information at http://www.sctoday.edu/programs/veterinary_technician


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