Graduation Ceremony in Maumee, OH | Stautzenberger College
Graduation Ceremony in Maumee, OH | August 19, 2016

On August 19, 2016, SC Maumee, OH, graduated 178 students! We are so proud of our graduates who showed fierce determination and hard work to accomplish this feat. It was an inspiring ceremony with Dr. Romules L. Durant, Superintendent of Toledo Public Schools, as the commencement speaker.


Graduates of Stautzenberger’s veterinary technician program
Stautzenberger College Celebrated Graduation August 12

The Stautzenberger College Brecksville campus celebrated Summer Commencement on Friday, August 12 at Strongsville Community Center.  

The commencement address was given by the Honorable Christopher Green, of Berea Municipal Court and Sharon Harvey, the executive director of the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

Student speakers were Sara Farren and Lauren Fenner, both graduates of Stautzenberger’s veterinary technician program.  

Importance of Being a Jack-Of-All-Trades in the Animal Industry | Sctoday
The Importance of Being a Jack-Of-All-Trades in the Animal Industry


Give a dog a little flaxseed oil with his food and his coat will shine brightly. Give a dog a pig’s ear and it’s the caloric equivalent of giving a human six cans of soda.

Sterile processing technician | Stautzenberger College
Top 13 Jobs that Would Transition Perfectly into Sterile Processing

Last month, we covered the importance of a behind-the-scenes specialist in the medical industry called a sterile processing technician. In that blog, we talked about how these professionals save lives and prevent infections and yet have no interaction with the patients at all.

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Reducing Risk of Heart Disease through Sonography & More

Heart disease is a condition that greatly plagues Americans. But we do have the capibility to predict the likelihood or risk of heart disease. How do we do so? Read more!