Companion Animal Care Technician

Companion Animal Care Technician Diploma Program

The companion animal care technician diploma program is best suited for education-seekers who have a strong passion for animals and see value in developing a multi-faceted skillset. This versatile career-training program provides students with a comprehensive understanding in five main areas of caring for domestic animals:

  • Basic Animal Care - From proper animal handling to anatomy, from identifying breeds to identifying diseases, our students develop a well-rounded understanding of essential animal care.
  • Grooming - A well-groomed animal is a happy animal. Our students train in basic hygiene and grooming for companion animals.
  • Wellness and Massage – Our students gain understanding of the importance of wellness and preventive measures to maintain good health by utilizing nutrition, exercise and soothing massage techniques.
  • Training and Behavior - Knowing what makes animals tick and how to improve behavior is an important part of our Companion Animal Care Technician program curriculum.
  • Interpersonal Skill Development - Our students love people, too! They learn how to communicate pet-related information professionally while sharing their passion for animals.

Program length – 12 months

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Online with on-ground components

In this program, students are taught the following: 

  • overview of veterinary medical practices
  • animal wellbeing
  • behavior modification and training
  • animal massage and grooming
  • animal safety
  • ethics
  • communication skills within an animal care professional context

Students complete an externship in a professional animal care setting to gain hands-on experience prior to program completion.

The all-encompassing education at Stautzenberger College is designed to prepare students for a myriad of possible careers. Possible entry-level careers include: dog groomer, pet stylist, small animal massage therapist, veterinary office assistant, dog obedience trainer/instructor, and animal attendant.

Demand for nonfarm animal caretakers is expected to grow by 9-13% though 2024.1

1U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Employment Projections 2014-2024,retrieved 6/8/16

Online with components delivered at:
Brecksville, OH

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